117. Oasis: Wembley Stadium, London [21.7.00]

117a_Oasis [210700]

Artist: Oasis

Support: Doves / Happy Mondays

Venue: Wembley Stadium, London

Date: 21.7.00

This was the one and only gig that I attended at the old Wembley Stadium, not long before it was demolished. The day included a surprise appearance from Happy Mondays and a stunning sunset set from Doves.

As Oasis took to the stage, Liam swaggered out and greeted the crowd with his usual level of charm: “Shithole! About time they knocked the shit down!”. To be fair, he had a point. The stadium was on its last legs, and other than the iconic twin towers, there was nothing of the historical venue to admire.

The concert was recorded and issued as the ‘Familiar to Millions’ album and DVD.

117b_Oasis [Familiar to Millions]




One thought on “117. Oasis: Wembley Stadium, London [21.7.00]”

  1. The last gig I went to in London before I left, I think! And the first sunset ‘Cedar Room’ experience for us both. Amazing.

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