227. New Order: The Warehouse Project, Manchester [5.12.15]

226a_new-order-051215Artist: New Order

Support: Erol Alkan [DJ Set] / Factory Floor

Venue: The Warehouse Project, Manchester

Date: 5.12 15

So much anticipation . . . followed by so much disappointment.

Reinvigorated by the release of their critically acclaimed album, Music Complete; New Order tried to recreate their Haçienda heyday, at The Warehouse Project in their home town of Manchester.

When the gig was announced, many fans were bemused by the relatively small venue, and late stage time. Had the band considered their long-term fans and target audience, in an attempt to be cutting edge and hip?

The evening started off well, with Factory Floor playing a blinding set in the fairly spacious venue, consisting of three disused arches below Manchester Piccadilly Station. However, as Erol Alkan’s DJ set progressed, and anticipation built for the main act, most of the crowd converged in the venue’s central arch.

By the time New Order took to the stage, there were simply too many people in the available space. Many of the audience could not see or hear the band properly, and some left the gig early, in disappointment.

The band played a great set, with latest songs featuring Elly Jackson (of La Roux) being particularly good. However, the overall atmosphere was marred by being crammed in, with difficulty to see and no space whatsoever to move. At times the situation felt dangerous, and I left with a sense of ‘regret’.



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