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073. Inspiral Carpets: Lucifer’s Mill, Dundee [22.4.94]

073a_Inspiral Carpets_220494

Artist: Inspiral Carpets

Venue: Lucifer’s Mill, Dundee

Date: 22.4.94

Three years earlier, at their peak, I had seen the Inspirals perform to crowds of thousands in their home town of Manchester. Now they were playing for a few hundred die-hard fans, in a venue where the stage wasn’t big enough for the entire band. Clint Boon and his Hammond organ were on a separate smaller section of stage. Between him and the band was a walkway that led to the toilets. You had to walk through the band to go to the toilet. It seemed slightly disrespectful – but a man’s gotta go, when a man’s gotta go!

Set List:

073b_Inspiral Carpets [220494] SL

021. Inspiral Carpets: G-MEX, Manchester [21.7.90]

021_Inspiral Carpets [210790]

Artist: Inspiral Carpets

Support: The La’s

Venue: G-MEX, Manchester

Date: 21.7.90

‘Baggy Mecca’ as thousands dressed in flared jeans and hoodies swaggered their way to ‘Madchester’ G-Mex.

021b_Inspiral Carpets [210790]The gig was filmed and originally released on VHS as ‘21790 Live’ (also recently re-released on DVD as part of the ‘Life’ Extended Edition CD/DVD). Four live tracks were originally released on the ‘Island Head Live E.P.’

Inspiral Carpets [21790]