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230. The Jam Pact: The New Roscoe, Leeds [1.5.16]

Artist: The Jam Pact

Venue: The New Roscoe, Leeds

Date: 1.5.16

I’m not a huge fan of cover bands, but these guys were good! They performed for three hours, extensively covering classic singles and album tracks from The Jam’s repertoire. A skillful set, which echoed the sound and spirit of the late 70s and early 80s mod revival.



185. From The Jam: Black Flag Venue, Wakefield [1.4.11]

184_From The Jam [010411]Artist: From The Jam

Venue: Black Flag Venue, Wakefield

Date: 1.4.11 [Rescheduled from original date on ticket]

Being a massive fan of The Jam, since the 80s mod revival, I had reservations about seeing ‘Foxton & Co.’ performing such sacred songs live. Such fears were instantly alleviated, as From The Jam proved themselves to be so much more than a tribute band.

Bruce Foxton looked as sharp as ever, living up to his legendary mod status just as much as Paul Weller does. Russell Hastings pays respect to The Jam’s repertoire, performing well known and much loved songs with his own vocal style – never attempting to impersonate Weller.

Face facts; it’s unlikely there’ll ever be a reunion of The Jam. If you want to see their songs performed live with power and passion, From the Jam are one of the best options.